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Lauren founded this company as a chronic migraine sufferer and candle enthusiast. However, like many migraine sufferers, candles and other scents triggered her migraines and she could not be near them. Determined to find a solution...

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Heart Mountain Candle Co Reviews
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Custom order that hit the spot!!!

How fun it was to work with Lauren to design exactly what I had in my mind and she created the coolest label. I was able to give a personalized gift to my nieces and daughter that warmed my heart... and scented the house in cozy love. The best! I have more ideas... watch out!! Haha!

Renee N.

Heart Mountain Candle Co Santa Needs Coffee! It's Not Prezzie Time Yet...Go Back To Bed!

Coffee Me Crazy!!!

I ordered the Coffee inspired candle not knowing smell or how well it would perform. I'm picky about smells and I utterly hate when candles have billowing smoke like a campfire coming off of them. This candle smells like you just brewed a cup, has zero smoke and seems like it will last forever.... seriously I've had this running for hours and little use has shown. Amazing product and I will be ordering more.

Clay K.

Heart Mountain Candle Co You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid

Favorite Wax Melts!!

These wax melts are amazing. The unique names are so fun and the smells are to die for. I have a wax warmer and have had it going all day and my house smells so good. Highly recommend and the prices are great!!

Jonna B.

Heart Mountain Candle Co I Got You A Present But I Ate It On The Way!

Wow, just WOW!

Love these candles and wax melts. Great quality, love the fun spin Lauren has put the names and descriptions. Absolutely Love!!!

Stacey A.

Wonder aromas and funny titles... love these!!!!!

I love my new order of candles. They are burning so nice, smell amazing and don't overpower a room. It's perfect. They burn all the way down, super-duper slow. Friends laugh at the punny titles: Brrrr Get my puffer. lol Don't shoot your eye out.... classic! I added in a new one: Rose. Oh my goodness. An English garden in my home. Light and sweet. LOVE!!

Christine N.

Heart Mountain Candle Co I Got You A Present But I Ate It On The Way!


This candle smells so delicious I could eat it (I did lick it) even without lighting it and just taking the lid off my house started to smell amazing ❤️ customer service and response time is so quick! Will definitely be buying more

Bre N.

Heart Mountain Candle Co Brrr...Get My Puffer!


I'm gonna need some more wax melts soon. Trust me, nothing compares to the ones you make, I've tried them all! 

Jennifer G.